Ulli Lust exclusive interview

Ulli Lust, artiste berlinoise, auteur de l'éroticomythologique Air Pussy, interviewée sur Babyloner. Air Pussy met en scène le réveil de la déesse du printemps : pendant son bain, elle se découvre une faculté étonnante... Ode à l'amour, à la sexualité, ce petit livre constitue une ouverture vers l'univers cru et délicat d'Ulli Lust.

Your name
Ulli Lust
(Lust is the family name of my Mothers family,
Ulli a short form of Ulrike)
Son nom, Lust, signifie en allemand comme en anglais "désir", notamment sexuel.

Your motto
If you don't materialize them, ideas are useless.

Your ideal party
Between the age of 15 and 35 I loved parties.
Now, with 42 the concept of partying lost attraction.

Your favorite meal
chirashi (a Japanese dish, a bowl of rize with sashimi on top)

Your favorite drink
latte macciato

Your favorite recipe
Mothers cakes (she's Austrian)

Your favorite clothes
colour: green
glamour trash
comfortable diva

Your favorite desserts
all kinds of desserts, as long as they are creamy

Your favorite position
lying in bed, smoking, reading, writing, dreaming up stories

Your favorite magazines
fashion & celebrity mags
(maybe because this are the only magazines,
which don't need crime & catastrophes to create their news.)

The book you’re reading
different books about history, mythologie, sience of evolution

The music you’re listening to
female voices

Tell us what or who inspires you
Straying through the city alone.
Passionate friends inspire me too.

Your favorite websites and blogs

What you dream of but you’ll never do ?
stop smoking pot

Tell us your 3 loveliest places in the world
my bed
my head
the rest (of the world)

Your favorite fashion designer or fashion brand
alexander mc queen
konk (berlin)
parfums by japanese Designers

The loveliest city you’ve been to and the worst
the worst: Munich

Your very last coups de cœur (book, film, band…)
serial: sopranos
swedish singer: Frida Hyvönen
book: Vulva by Mithu Sanyal

Tell us 3 fetish places (shops, restaurants…) in the world
"un regard moderne", a comic shop in paris
any old Viennese kaffeehaus
The little hashish farms in the Rif in Morocco

Tell us 3 fetish places (shops, restaurants…) near your home
Sasaya, the japanese restaurant in my street
The Mauerpark in Berlin with the fleamarket on sundays
Neurotitan, (Galerie & Shop for Comics, Musik, Art)

How do you work ?
I have my rituals, which look like a schedule.
Without strict schedule you cannot do the work of a comic artist.
Too much to draw.

And 3 more questions just for you :

1/ I just read the very interesting "Air Pussy". The character is a godess. Is she a metaphor of feminity too ? Is she more like an eternal womanhood or an image of modern women ?

Airpussy is a female goddess, as every woman herself represents a goddess,
when she enjoys her sexual body.

2/ Do you know reading this album is very exciting , especially for a woman ?

I absolutely hope so!
I like the idea, that girls get the impulse to masturbate after reading it.
I wish them a lot of fun!

3/ If you could make a movie of "Air Pussy", what would be the casting ?

"Air Pussy" is the latest issue out of a series called "spring poem".
Actually there is a filmmaker doing a short film about one of the former books
(called "springclubbing").
He did a great casting for the male figures, very attractive and sexy men,
but not with the females. His goddess is the type:
elegant, thin, cool duchess with a big nose.
My goddess representing the awakening spring has to look sweet, young and lively.
She should carry a little fat on her bones.


Air Pussy, 9,5 € en version papier
et à votre bon cœur (gratuit) sur un site créé par Ulli Lust